Containing the girls, what you need in a sports bra

I love boobs, really I do.  But noting irritates me more than a woman with badly contained boobs, especially during high impact activities. Improper containment for the girls can result in early sagging.  Yes you can get a lift to get back to perkier breasts, but that doesn’t fix all the damage to your breasts. The breasts are supported by the Cooper’s ligament and that is not touched during a breast lift.  Once you stretch that guy out, there is no going back.  That is why it is important to wear a supportive bra, and most definitely a supportive sports bra.

So what do you look for?  The same things you look for in a regular bra. The band of the sports bra should be providing most of the support, with the straps providing some support.  The cups are essential for shaping and holding the breasts just like a regular bra, but that is where things change.  When you run the breasts move in a figure 8 motion, in other high impact activities it is straight up and down.  So you need something to prevent that movement.  The best way to prevent this is a bra that combines compression and encapsulation. The compression will help keep the breasts stable and limit the up and down movement.  You need to be careful about this because you can give yourself and extra cleavage look, which is a great place to store sweat. Can we say chaffing? Not pretty. That’s where the encapsulation comes in.  Not only will this keep your breasts separate, it will also limit the sideways movement of the figure eight and the resulting bounce associated with it.

So what about underwire?  It functions with the band to provide support.  Some women really dislike the idea of underwire in a sports bra. That’s fine as long as you get enough support out of the band.  It is a personal choice, but underwire in sports bras is becoming much more popular in the larger cupsize market. But when it comes to size, encapsulation is the way to go not matter what size you are. Keeping the breasts separate and movement free is the goal no matter what size you are.  You may think that an A cup breast doesn’t bounce, but it will. That bounce will stretch your breast tissues and the Cooper’s ligament.  Not the direction you want to go.  So no matter what size you are, wear a sports bra.  If you are a larger size it is important that you ensure your choice in sports bras has a proper fit.  There are many brands now that make sports bras in band and cup combinations. These brands range from Moving Comfort, Freya, Panache, Royce, and Shock Absorber.  Remember to check your fit like you would with any bra, the same rules apply.  The right fit will limit the bounce and keep you looking good through any high impact activity.

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