What’s with the boobies???

Whether you are a man or a woman boobs are a great thing. Men love them (on women) and women want them when they don’t have them.  When they are too big you want them smaller.  There are so many facets to boobs.  So what’s with the boobies?

So I want to share my own boob story.  It may not be appropriate for all readers, and some of you may not like what I have to say. But you’ll get over it, it’s my boob story.

Well lets start by saying I had no boobs.  I did not get any through puberty.  I remember being in fifth grade and having a talk with my mom about how I needed to start wearing bras.  Those little tiny buds started and stopped there.  I was a little tomboy and I stuck with sports bras until I couldn’t wear them under my clothes anymore. When I finally got real bras it was with the disappointment of not being able to find a size, 32AA. I ended up with two of the most uncomfortable scratchy things I had ever seen in my life.

So here I am as a teenager thinking I need boobs.  I was a tiny person then, but tiny boobs are not always good boobs depending on the individual.  I didn’t even consider over padding like many women do, no chicken cutlets. I just wanted boobs. Just a few TV shows that show how surgery was done and I was not on the surgery train.  So I just got over it.  I found tanks with built in self bras so I wouldn’t have to wear an uncomfortable scratchy bra.

Fast forward a few years, I have a wonderful husband who doesn’t mind nonexistent boobs. I also discovered what I like to call teeniebopper bras at Kohls.  They came in young teenage patterns with padding.  All I needed right?  I went with this for years, not really happy with what I had.  But still I never considered anything else. I worked out and did things to change my body for the better.

Fast forward again, this time to a whole new life.  I am active duty military and 24 years old. I was deployed to Iraq.  Now here you may ask, “What does Iraq have to do with boobies?”  It has everything to do with it.  I had two friends that were researching breast augmentation. Now here again, some of you may cringe.  But a little research completely changes views.  Through their research and my own I found I had some very incorrect assumptions about augmented breasts. They aren’t the stereotype that people think they are. They can be so many different things, what ever you want them to be. This research showed me that this was the way to get the breasts that I had always wanted. Being deployed gave me the way to pay for it.

So the choice was made, with the full support of my husband. I had surgery over two and a half years ago and I’d never go back. I may not have gotten boobs through puberty, but they are mine none the less. I feel like I have always had them. They are a part of me, not a foreign object. This doesn’t end my boob story, there is actually a ton more to it. Maybe I’ll share it in a future blog. But I will share that I’ll be very boob focused over the next few weeks.


  1. Mika

    I’m glad you’re open to sharing your story with your readers. I personally felt the same way about getting implants, though I dislike my breasts. I’ve done some research recently and have had a lot of questions answered, and I feel as though getting implants may not be ‘bad’ for me. I’m looking into TUBA or possibly (eh hm) re-locating some padding for other areas (I know this can be done, but I’m not having much luck finding info on it). I like my body, but thereare things I want to change. I’m fairly small, but I have unwanted padding in places, and not enough in others. I’m glad that you did what YOU wanted and I’m glad that I read this, with so many people bashing implants right now. Thank you 🙂

    • I’m glad that you found my story helpful! Honestly, I went back and read this and realized how many typos there are, so now I need to go back and makes some edits. Goodness it is horrible!
      There are tons of resources out there for patient information, JustBreastImplants (and their forum), Real Self, Love Your Look. I’m sure some have some information about the micro fat grafting that you are looking into. I’ve read some procedure stores that involve both fat grafting and a small implant. So you do have options. There is the Brava technique as well. You’ll find the information, it just may be difficult. I hope that you find the information you need to make the choice that is right for you. Bottom line, not matter what other people think, you have to do what is right for you!

  2. Amy

    I have always been uncomfortable with my small breasts, i wear a 32A and the cups of my bras are always gaping open and i worry constantly about showing more than i want when i bend over in low cut shirts. Straps always slipping, needing more padding to fit into the dress i want…the typical ordeal. I just stumbled upon your story today and it’s got me thinking again. I’ve always heard the worst of the worst stories about implants and it’s scared me off. So, thank you for giving a positive story about your surgeries and everything. I know for a fact I would feel much more comfortable with my body after surgery and I want to look more into it. I’m tired of feeling uncomfortable everyday. I’ve been torn for a long time about getting implants, and I think it may be time to jump over to the other side of the fence and just go for it. Because, you’re right, in the end it doesn’t matter what other people think, i have to do what is best for me.

    • I wish you the best Amy! It’s a difficult and personal decision. If you have questions along the way please feel free to email me. I will be honest, both with the good and the bad (I was an unlucky one that had complications). In the comment above I posted a few education sources, but I know how much a personal experience can mean when you are researching.
      And those horrible gaping 32A bras, I remember those! I kept one as a reminder. It still amazes me to see it and remember the feelings associated with those bras compared to how I feel putting on my bra now.

  3. I found this article very illuminating. I have recently set up an online store selling shirts for big boobed women so I am always interested in the pyschology involved. I think there is a lot of negative commentary on ‘boob jobs’ because of the assumption that it is all airhead Hollywood wannabe’s. It is refreshing to hear ‘normal’ women explaining a genuine need to create a bust which is wholly understandable.
    I was particularly impressed to hear your husband was supportive but married you pre-surgery so clearly loved you for yourself however you looked.

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