The evil slipping bra straps

Our first two questions were email!! I’ll talk about the first one today, and the second will have to wait until I get home to my camera and tape measure.

Q: My bra straps are always sliding off my shoulders. I tighten them as tight as they go, but they still fall off. I’m very frustrated with my bras!

A: Bra straps tend to get either too much attention or they get totally neglected. The straps only provide about 10% of the support of your bra, do they are less important than the band. So depending on the maker of your bra, the placement of the straps may not have been given much consideration.
So what to do? Look at the style of your bras. Most women tend to stick with one style bra. Are you wearing a plunge style? They tend to have straps placed high on the cup, and much further to the outside. It may mean you should try a demi bra as they have the straps placed more inward in the cup.
The second thing to consider is the shape of your body. Are you very narrow shouldered or very short in the torso? Even if you are not what you’d consider petite you may want to consider a bra brand that cuts a more petite bra. Calvin Klein is known for making their brad more petite through the straps. They are much shorter than many other brad in similar styles. The cup is also placed differently in the band, meaning a more narrow center gore, closer cups, and straps not placed as far out.
Usually a bra problem comes from one of two things, a bad fit or bad habits. It is important to get a good fitting, and to get a new one if your body had major changes. Changes can be weight loss or gain, medication that causes bloating, hormonal changes, removal of a lump, etc. Bras need to be replaced, they stretch over time. Don’t get in the habit of wearing your bra over and over and not replacing it. Other habits include wearing the same style bra all the time and not changing. Different bra styles have their own purpose, some are daily wear, some are not. But the all must be fit to you for your needs. It is not a one size fits all market.

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