Bra myths and crazy ideas

Have you ever heard something and you just thought no way or you wanted to wave the BS flag?  It really amazes me how much crazy there is out there when it comes to bras.  I’d like to share a few of my personal favorites.  Feel free to share a few of yours in the comments below.

1. An A cup is an A cup no matter what.

Um…. Hello?? Have you ever seen a woman who wears a 32A next to one that wears a 38A???  Cupsize is relative to bandsize!!  It is commonly referred to as “sister sizing” and is a common tactic used to get someone into a bra that isn’t the right size.  That 38A bra holds the same volume as a 36B, 34C, and a 32D.  So no, not all A cups are created equal.

Then you can look at brand differences.  I remember buying a 32A bra in the teen section.  That A cup is much different then an A cup in the women’s section.  Way different.  The band was tighter and smaller when compared to a woman’s bra.  Each brand has their own sizing standard, and even then it can change depending on the style bra.

2. When you measure for bandsize you measure around the back and over top of the breast.  (AKA how Victorias Secret sizes)

Why the heck would you do that???  The band goes around the ribcage, not the top of your breast.  I can’t even think of what the logic could be for this ludicrous idea.  And speaking of bandsizes….

3. If you measure an odd number add 5 to your measurement, if you are an even number add 4. This is your bandsize.

Again, why do you want to do that??  If you are a 29 inch ribcage that would make you a 34 band.  Um, not so much.  A regular 32 bra from VS stretches to around 32 inches in the band.  Some 34 bands stretch to 36-38inches.  On average a 32 band Freya Deco bra (a great wardrobe basic) stretches to 32 inches, sometimes more, in the band.  So why would you add inches to get your bandsize??  You want a bra that will stretch to fit you and fit firmly, not one that is already stretched out.

4. Push ups and padding are only for girls with small chests.

Every woman I know wants to have a bra that makes her boobs look amazing. It doesn’t matter if she is a 30AA or a 36G.  Why would a push up only apply to a woman with a C cup or less?  Push ups are to give a look, not add sizes.  Padding doesn’t have to be there to add size, it is to cover the breast, smooth things out, and hide nipples.  So no, padded or push up bras are not just for a certain size breast.  Besides a 38C is a larger breast, why can she have push up bra, but a 32DDD has the same breast volume on a smaller band and she can’t have a push up.  I’m sure that makes a ton of sense!!

~Ok, enough rant from me.  I could go on all day!  Please stop and share some of your bra myths or crazy ideas you have heard from others.

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