Why a blog? Why now?

Some of the people who know my may wonder why am I starting a blog.  I’m not a very public person, in fact I’m pretty private.  I am fine in social situations, but it’s not exactly my favorite place to be. And meeting new people? Not fun, especially when the only people you meet are new people.

So why am I starting this blog?  And of all times, why now?  It is actually the perfect time to do this.  My life is going through a major transition.  In a few short days I will no longer be a member of the active duty Air Force.  My four year enlistment is up, I finished my Bachelor’s degree, I’m working on some personal trainer certificates, I obtained the rank I wanted.  Personally, it is time to move forward to something new.  But life does not always work out how you want it.  My something new has to wait a short time while my husband reaches for one of his goals.  It’s a goal that I couldn’t be more proud of, he is becoming a pilot and is a Warrant Officer in the Army. Can you see a trend for military service in my family?  🙂

Part of my husband’s goal involved a move.  We are living in Alabama right now, but it is not for long.  While I have things to keep me busy I am not getting the social interaction I had every day at work.  With the economy right now, it will be hard to find a job.  I plan on searching, hopefully I’ll find something after Christmas.  But my job was a major source of social interaction.  That area of my life is missing a little bit.  A few years ago I discovered how priceless online friends can be. Some of the people I am closest to I have never met in person. So that is what this blog is for. It is a way to interact with the people around me. I feel I have some things to offer to others, whether I know them already or they find my blog.

I have big plans for my future. It’s exciting.  But until (and after) that time I want to offer what I have through my blog.  I’m working on improving my nutritional and physical training knowledge through certifications. I am relearning to cook, in a less processed and lower sodium manner. I am working more with lingerie and bra fitting. A few close friends have experience with my bra knowledge and I hope to have that spread.  I am learning more about my passions, and building new ones. I want photography classes for Christmas. Or maybe cooking lessons. I want every woman I know to have a perfect fitting bra. I want to help people be healthier and more active. I want to fill some space in my life while doing these things. That’s why a blog, and that’s why I’m doing it now.

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