Quilt & Jersey sheets from Target

Usually I am a snob when it comes to bed linen. I want high quality, high thread count, with a smooth feel. I have paid more for sheets than I paid for many other things.

I have always wanted jersey sheets. They just look so comfortable, like a comfy T-shirt. While walking randomly around Target we saw jersey sheet sets for $24.99 for any size. A set of king size sheets for $25?!?! Well they had to be cheap, right? Then I felt them. They were so soft and smooth. I figure they were worth a try. We bought a set in grey.

Just before finding the jersey sheets we found quilts with shams, any size for $27. That seemed crazy too. My husband and I are always on the look out for things like this. We have a dog that likes to nibble on the corners of blankets or comforters. Add that to the fact that all our dogs sleep on the bed, it makes for one hot night. A nice thin quilt sounded like it could be the perfect solution for the hot blooded pups sleeping in my bed. They are reversible, we bought black with a grey back.

So both came home with us and into the washer. Both the sheets and the quilt fit in the wash at the same time. That was kind of nice. They dried well in our HE dryer on the bulky items setting. They came out of the dryer and straight onto the bed. It was a little of a fight to keep our boxer Ozzy from being the first one in the bed. Our beagles, Nikki & Tommy, were not far behind him. If they could have, they would have let me make them into the bed.

One thing I can say is that I am 100% satisfied with this purchase. Sliding into bed last night was like sliding into bed at a nice hotel. It was wonderful. The sheets were smooth and light weight. The quilt was just heavy enough to feel warm, but not uncomfortably hot. And the furkids loved it. Ozzy slept at my feet all night, Tommy snuggled on the comforter, Nikki under the covers. Everyone was happy campers.

The picture below is after a full night’s sleep. If you look close, you’ll see the beagle hair. That is the one negative of the comforter. The color is not the best for hiding dog hair. But the comfort was amazing. Just ask my husband, he had to be convinced awake and out of bed this morning. They are the best cheap sheets I have purchased.

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  1. W

    Hello! Im just about ready to set up my own bed and i think i would like it to look & feel exactly like yours! Yes i have a cat but i will kick him off it it shows too much fuzz. I’d like to know the exact blanket on top’s name. Hard to find on target.com. I’m guessing its quilted… something… So the jersey sheets were good after the first wash??? I think I shall go out and get em! TY!

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