Over the shoulder boulder holders

AKA bras! They are one of my passions. And they shouldn’t feel like a boulder holder. I want every woman I know to have a properly fitted comfortable bra. If it hurts, feels like a boulder holder, moves around, looks ugly, whatever then it isn’t the right bra for you. I want to take this section to help women find bras that fit.

There will be blogs about fit issues, proper fit, what type of bra for you, etc. Anything bra, if you want it, I’ll write it!

If you have a fit issue and like help shoot me an email (in the contact section). If you don’t mind, I’ll share your question here and we’ll talk about ways to fix it.


  1. I think my biggest gripe with bras is how you never seem to find the perfect fit. Or at least I haven’t been able to. Doesn’t help much that they are both different sizes right now thanks to baby.

  2. There is really only 4 things you can do:
    1. Find a supportive band, 90% of the support for your breasts comes from the band, 10% comes from the straps.
    2. Fit the cup for the larger breast not the smaller.
    3. Once the larger breast is fitted in the cup adjust your straps. The small breast should have the strap slightly tighter. This will ensure there is no gap at the top of the bra between the fabric of the cup and your breast. If there is a cup size difference you’ll have to consider a small padded insert.
    4. Find a professional to fit you properly. Many places offer calculators, but they are not accurate for everyone. Some women, including me, offer virtual fittings by email or even phone. For an in person fitting consider small scale lingerie boutiques, Nordstorm, and possibly Macy’s or Dillard’s. Don’t bother with Victorias Secret. While they may have some pretty stuff, their fitters are not provided with much, if any, training.

    ~let me know if I can help more!

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