2wenty8 lingerie from the Big Bra Bar. Making a 26 band?

***UPDATE***  You can now preorder!! The Loren in Midnight Blue will be available in a small trial run of 26FF, G, & H.  So if you want one, get ordering now! There are limited quantities available.


I ran into the most exciting thing today!  I saw a facebook post from the wonderful website The Big Bra Bar.  They are searching for opinions on which bra to do a trial in a 26 band for the Spring 2012 season!  It would be a model from their house brand, 2wenty8.  I’d love for any 26 band ladies that may be interested in this to go weigh in on their facebook page:


You can see the entire line at their website http://www.thebigbrabar.com/

I recently ordered two bikinis from their swimwear line (which I’ll be reviewing soon) and had a great customer service experience. Due to my location in the US normal shipping is around 2 weeks.  After about 3 weeks I contacted the site and a second order was immediately dispatched. Of course today the original order came in the mail so I’ll be sending back the duplicates.  Not to mention the fact that when I had ordering problems they personally ensured my order was processed correctly and communicated with me through a series of emails.  Can you just say that I’m in love with their customer service?  I can’t wait to be buying more from them in the future!


  1. I think this is a real great article post.Much thanks again.

  2. I read somewhere that the 2wenty8 bras are not very supportive — they are meant for the bedroom and not for everyday use. I’d love to read your review, if you also have the same impressio. I must say i ind their bras really beautiful and would love to own one!

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